Highway Lot Maintenance Services

Parking Lot Maintenance's Highway division specializes in crack sealing and spall repair on roadway pavement. Whether it be saw and seal, rout and fill, or simply clean and fill - Parking Lot Maintenance does it all.

Concrete Joint Sealing

Concrete joint sealing is designed to protect pavement by minimizing water penetration and preventing the accumulation of debris. Freezing and thawing during the winter months creates movement within the pavement. Joint sealants allow the concrete to flex while maintaining a tight seal that resists water penetration. Joint sealing is done on all types of concrete pavements from Interstate Highways, and Airport Runways to Parking Lots and Driveways.

Joint Sealing can preserve the life of your pavement by preventing random cracking and spalls- areas of broken up pavement beyond traditional crack repair.

Joint sealing can be done using silicone, hot pour material, or preformed compression sealer.

Crack Sealing

Rain, Snow and Ice are not your pavements friend. Keeping water, snow and ice out means keeping potholes away- Crack sealing protects your paved surface by stopping water from entering the crack and eroding and destabilizing the base beneath the asphalt. Unsealed cracks will eventually cause additional cracking and ultimately potholes.

Appropriate consideration of cracks will prevent potential problems from spreading and double the life of the pavement. Pavement repair in the early stages of deterioration will pay for its self many times over by delaying costly resurfacing.

Parking Lot Maintenance begins the process by routing or preparing cracks. The cracks are then cleaned with high-powered blowers and or wire brooms. All debris, rocks and, dirt is removed from cracks before introduction of sealant. We complete the process by filling the cracks with either a silicone sealant for concrete or a hot applied rubber for asphalt or concrete

Joint Repair Methods

  • Mastics
  • Fibrecrete / Techcrete
  • Silicone Joint Sealants
    • Dow Corning 888 Silicone Joint Sealant
    • Dow Corning 890 SL Self Leveling Silicone
    • Crafco Roadsaver Silicone

Slab Replacement

Slab replacement is a process where a section of concrete is cut down to its base then lifted out of the remaining concrete. Once the slab is removed new concrete is poured. This creates a new concrete surface that is not spalled, cracked, or damaged.